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August 12th, 2010 by LimaBean

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Julianne Moore is known for playing wildly different characters and for showing off her impressive acting prowess. Little did we know that she also has a penchant for showing off her perky breasts too! Check out the photos included in this post. One shows her fully naked without a stitch of clothing on. Another shows her with her all-natural untrimmed bush. And Julianne proves that she’s a real redhead after all! If you are curious to see more Julianne Moore nude photos, just click on the link.

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Julianne Moore had brazenly showcased her naked body in her movies: whether she’s making out nude with Heather Graham in Boogie Nights, or walking around topless in Short Cuts, or just simply fucking Ralph Feinnes’ brains out in The End of the Affair. Julianne is one actress who does not flinch when she is called upon to drop her clothes and be naked onscreen. Obviously, this is one Hollywood hottie who loves to display her curves!

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March 18th, 2010 by LimaBean

Julianne Moore stars a mistress to Ralph Fiennes character in the film The End Of The Affair. Naturally, in any movie revolving around the story of a tryst, we are shown the secret activities of the couple, like clandestine meetings, naughty footsies under the dining table, and, when the husband is absent, an unbridled night of sex and passion. If you’ll do a little math for me here, it was in 1999 that the film was made, which makes Julianne 39 years old and with a two-year old child at the time of filming. So while she was pretend fuckng Ralph Fiennes, she had in her home a nanny rearing her child, while her husband attends some other business, assuming that Julianne is hard at work in her current film project.

Yeah, hard at work, Mr. Julianne Moore’s man; hard at work at getting Ralph Fiennes’ cum straight up her pussy. She may be acting, but there’s obviously something going on here in Julianne’s sex scene, as with any sex scene done by countless other celebrity babes. Everybody doing a fuck scene needs a bit of inspiration, so I wouldn’t be surprised if good man Ralph let her feel a taste of the real thing by rubbing his cock against Julianne’s mama pussy, hence the realistic moaning and grinding. I’ll bet you anything that Ralph managed to slip his cock inside Julianne’s pussy without the director and the crew noticing anything; that tartan robe could hide anything that goes on between those two actors’ crotches. But even if they hid the real fucking they were doing on set, Julianne can never hide her tits from view, especially when the director asked her to bare it all. So, good going Mr. Director. Thanks for the tits.

As for my theory earlier, you be the judge and watch Julianne Moore getting fucked in The End Of The Affair.

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So we’ve got here nude pictures of your favorite celebrity MILF, Julianne Moore. But they’re not just the same old nude pictures of your aunt you’ve been jacking off to in your bathroom, these are Julianne Moore nude as she gets fucked deep in the pussy, and liking it! She’s as raunchy as you want her to be in these naked pictures, with the photographer catching Julianne Moore at the precise moment that she seems to reach the crest of this hot fuck session. One look at her lusting face and you know she enjoys her cocks penetrating her deep, and despite the age, her pussy looks fresh, tight, and pink as ever! So don’t go hatin’ on old people just because you think they can’t perform anymore; Julianne Moore is here to give your rock hard cocks a fucking good time, and show you that going beyond the calendar just refines a woman’s sex skills.

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One of the cult films in cinema, Boogie Nights stretched the limits of censorship in mainstream Hollywood. I mean, come on, an actual movie about porn? The movie carries a daring plotline, but none more daring than the actors and actresses themselves. Hot MILF Julianne Moore appears in the film, back when her tits were still pink with youth, and her skin still fresh and flawless, and it’s a great movie in that we get to see a zoomed in view of Julianne’s perky nipples. And from what I saw, they’re sharp enough to pierce your tongue if you ever risked licking it while you’re fucking her. Kinky.

But just think. That hot, young chick who’s getting fucked, with her nipples betraying the ‘acting’ she’s doing ends up being the gorgeous MILF that is Julianne Moore. Amazing what time does to pussy, huh? Although, I am excluding the unfortunate ladies whose looks have gone ahead and aged thirty years in advance, I do pity you. But for the celebrity moms who’ve maintained the freshness of their clitoris–not to mention maintain a sex drive that rivals an 18 year old’s own–let me congratulate you and extend my cock forward for you to shake, jack off, and mount with your still-tight pussy. The kudos goes out to you especially, Julianne Moore, for still being a viable fantasy in our wet dreams, and still having the strength in your backbone to squat on our cocks in our imaginary sex adventures long enough to let us fill you up with our cum. So Julianne Moore, thanks for giving us this sexy, raunchy fuck scene from Boogie Nights. If you ever want a sequel to this scene, I’m good with multiple retakes.