Julianne Moore’s hot fuck scene

Julianne Moore stars a mistress to Ralph Fiennes character in the film The End Of The Affair. Naturally, in any movie revolving around the story of a tryst, we are shown the secret activities of the couple, like clandestine meetings, naughty footsies under the dining table, and, when the husband is absent, an unbridled night of sex and passion. If you’ll do a little math for me here, it was in 1999 that the film was made, which makes Julianne 39 years old and with a two-year old child at the time of filming. So while she was pretend fuckng Ralph Fiennes, she had in her home a nanny rearing her child, while her husband attends some other business, assuming that Julianne is hard at work in her current film project.

Yeah, hard at work, Mr. Julianne Moore’s man; hard at work at getting Ralph Fiennes’ cum straight up her pussy. She may be acting, but there’s obviously something going on here in Julianne’s sex scene, as with any sex scene done by countless other celebrity babes. Everybody doing a fuck scene needs a bit of inspiration, so I wouldn’t be surprised if good man Ralph let her feel a taste of the real thing by rubbing his cock against Julianne’s mama pussy, hence the realistic moaning and grinding. I’ll bet you anything that Ralph managed to slip his cock inside Julianne’s pussy without the director and the crew noticing anything; that tartan robe could hide anything that goes on between those two actors’ crotches. But even if they hid the real fucking they were doing on set, Julianne can never hide her tits from view, especially when the director asked her to bare it all. So, good going Mr. Director. Thanks for the tits.

As for my theory earlier, you be the judge and watch Julianne Moore getting fucked in The End Of The Affair.

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